How to Quiet an Oilless Air Compressor – 3rd one is My Favorite

How to Quiet an Oilless Air Compressor:- Nowadays air compressor is one of the most used machines not only for the workshop but also it can be used for home improvements. If you own air tools like Nailers, Grinder, Sanders, Spray Painters, or Impact ranchers.

Operating these tools required an air compressor ranging from a small size of pancake air compressor to a huge size air compressor.

Air Compressor is one of the most powerful tools in every workshop and it may be the loudest one. Generally, air compressors produce 80 dB to 90 dB of noise which is actually a bad sign for every human being and it can cause hearing loss.

There are many reasons why oilless air compressors can become louder. The most common reasons are Vibration, Friction, air intake, and exhaust. 

And if I talk about gas-powered air compressors then they are much louder than electric air compressors because they produce a lot more power as compared to electric.

So here are some quick tips for that how to make the oilless air compressor quieter. To use the acoustic to cover the motor, The compressor intake is covered with a muffler, Isolate the compressor with noise proof box, You can also use a rubber grommet around the device to make it less noisy, Regularly maintain your oilless compressor, or Buy a quiet compressor which produces less noise.

Which option is the best fit for you and your compressor we don’t know that So I always recommend you to read the full article So you can easily understand which solution is best we also provide the best quiet air compressor with a complete guide so if you want to buy a quiet oilless air compressor then you can easily go for it?

One By One Guide for How to Make How to Reduce Oilless Air Compressor Noise 

Let’s get started to learn how you can reduce the noise level of an oilless air compressor with 10 different processes.

1. Wrapping Up your compressor Motor with Sound Deadening Material

Sound deadening materials are one of the best materials for reducing the noise level of any machine if you ever tried to reduce the noise of your car engine with sounding deadening mates then it works well and produces less noise because this material is one of the best for a sound deadening solution.

These mats help you to reduce the noise levels by 20% to 30% which is quite good for an oilless air compressor.

And if you want our suggestion that which sound deadening mat is good for you then this Noico 36 sq ft / a bit low-quality Noico 18 sq ft is one of the top-rated sound deadening met, in this box, you get 9 pieces of  36 sq ft. sound deadening Mets. I think these are enough to wrap up the compressor motor easily. And it’s not a bad option for less than 70 Dollars.

And if you thought these sound-deadening materials are too much for you then Noico has their cheaper version too which you can get for less than 35 Dollars. This is the best option for small motors.

2. The Compressor Intake is Covered with a Muffler

A muffler which is also known as a silencer is a device that helps to reduce the airborne noise of the engine. So that the machine can produce less noise without effect on their performance.

This is another option to reduce the noise level of the air compressor like a car’s or bike’s exhaust has connected with the muffler to reduce the noise of the engine just like that you have to connect your whole intake of air compressor to the muffler and 

This can definitely help you to reduce the noise level and provide you with a silent operation. This is one of the most successful ways to reduce the noise of an oilless air compressor.

If you need to check out one muffler and you are confused then this Thrush 17651 Welded Muffler is one of the best options presented it comes with a 19-inch length and 2.25-inch inlet and outlet with durable stainless steel made. Which can provide you with great soundproofing for less than $ 50.

But establishing the connection of the muffler is a kind of technical work and it’s a bit difficult to install. So this guide may help you.

When you got the muffler and 2-sided air hose, then first you need to find out the air intake of your air compressor and then connect one side of the air hose with the air intake of the air compressor and another side of the air hose connect to the muffler and clamped properly and you are done it’s so simple.

3. Isolate the compressor with noise proof box (Best and My Favorite Method)

It seems to be impossible to fully isolate an air compressor. But we can form a soundproofing area around it and leave the ventilation area for the air intake and power outlets area to easy for increase air compressor convenience.

And because of this air compressors is providing noise-free operation.

If I give you one example of insulating the air compressor then the Isolation box is the perfect example of this.

You can make a separate box for it and the walls are fully made up of sound-deadening materials like acoustic foam so that you got silent operation. (Best Acoustic foam set)

But to make this kind of Box, a few things you need to keep in mind are whether the compressor can maintain the overheating or not the air intake is properly working or not. So for fulfilling those needs you need to build a box that is large enough and has the proper ventilation to dissipate the heat easily as well as an air intake.

If you need instructions for building a Soundproofing box then this video can help you.

How to soundproof your oilless compressor

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4. Use Rubber Grommet Around the Device to Make it Less Noisy

May you hear that rubber is a sound-deadening material because it can absorb the maximum amount of noise it is one of the best ways to reduce noise and makes your compressor noise-free.

With this process, you have to attach different sizes of rubber grommets throughout the whole process. And this rubber grommet helps to absorb the vibrations and reduce the noise level of the compressors.

If you have any confusion regarding which set of grommets is best for you then this Industrial Tools Accessbuy is one of the best options with 180 different sizes of grommets and it comes for less than 40 $.

5. Use Sound Blanket

If you want to know How to make make an oilless air compressor quieter then this is the easiest and most effective way to soundproof your air compressor. Generally, an air compressor produces lots of noise and the sound blanket may be one of the best options for you. So these sound blankets or sheets are designed to absorb medium to high levels of vibration or noise. Which can provide you low noise level.

6. Move the Air Intake Away or Work Away from the Compressor

This is your own choice whether you wanna do it or not but this is the most effective way to protect from the deafening sound of the air compressor.

It needs lots of investment like you to need a shelter for the air compressor and also you need long pipe from the air compressor to your work station to carry out the compressed air.

But if you have intensive work and you need a high PSI of air, this process can be a problem because the long distance of the pipe can provide a low volume of air pressure.

7. Regularly maintain your oilless compressor

If you really want to know how to the noise of oilless air compressor then It’s very important to maintain your oilless compressor daily because without maintenance and proper lubrication you can not able to make it noise-free. This has a few steps which you have to follow regularly:-

Daily Maintenance Check

Daily maintenance check is the most effective way to keep your compressor noise-free and maintenance-free. 

In this process, you should check the wear and tear, friction, lubrication, overheating, etc. if these processes are not taken care of regularly then your machine gets louder and it reduces machine life.

Clean Air Filter and Lubricating the Required Parts

You need to clean the required part, especially the air filter because it helps to filter the impurities which can damage your product and it cause noise so always try to clean your air compressor every 8 months.

And if I talk about the lubrication part then lubrication is the crucial factor to keep your compressor friction-free and it means it produces a low noise level.

8. Invest in a Quality and quiet air compressor 

The last and most important part is always to go with Quality and low noise level of less than 70 dB of air compressor from a great brand. They always believe in the quality of the product and they always maintain the noise level of the compressors.

And if you want our suggestion for a quiet compressor then this California Air Tools Ultra Quiet air compressor comes with 8 gallons of air tank with a powerful motor and the main part of this air compressor is it produces only 68 dB of noise so you don’t need any insulation for your compressor to make it noise-free.

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FAQs for How to Quiet an Oilless Air Compressor

How do I soundproof my air compressor?

Here are a few processes for soundproofing air compressors:- 
1. Wrapping Up your compressor Motor with Sound Deadening Material
2. The Compressor Intake Covered with a Muffler
3. Isolate the compressor with noise proof box
4. Use Rubber Grommet Around the Device to Make it Less Noisy
5. Use Sound Blanket
6. Move the Air Intake Away or Work Away from the Compressor
7. Regularly maintain your oil-less compressor

Which is better oil or oil-less air compressor?

Oil-less compressors are more are lighter, cheaper, and requires less maintenance so if I talk about oiled compressor then they required oil for lubrication and they come at a higher price than oil-less compressors and, and the main part is oiled compressors are more durable and have a long life than an oil-free air compressor.

How long should an air compressor last?

It does not have a definite time period and If I tell you about mine then it’s been almost 11 years I have been using the same compressor but now also it can give me the same performance with almost the same noise level. 

So if I answered this with my experience then 10 years is not that old for an air compressor if you maintain it properly then you can easily use your compressor without any problem.

Is it bad to leave an air compressor pressurized?

Yes, it’s actually a bad habit to leave the air compressor pressurized because if pressurized air contains moisture then it causes corrosion inside of the tank. So if you have an agency for tomorrow’s task then only you can leave your air compressor pressurized otherwise you have fully drain it.

Conclusion for how can I make my oilless air compressor quieter 

We have included everything so you can easily understand How to Quiet an Oilless Air Compressor.

If you have any doubt regarding this process then, let me know in the comment box. We will definitely help you with that.

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  1. To Subhadip,
    If you isolate a compressor from the air tank that it’s attached to, the Decibel level will also be different to that before the isolation. A compressor of either Vane or Oil less are a great deal quieter if they are no longer fitted together, or some kind of dampening is sandwiched between them. It’s not the compressor that makes the noise, it’s the Air tank that the verberates the noise of the compressor. Remove the Compressor from the air tank and soundproof it.

    • Hi, Peter Its also a good idea but if you have a compressor with powerful pump like 5HP or above then definitely pump also makes noise. So you should sound proof both tank as well as the pump.


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