What Kind of Oil Goes in a Central Pneumatic Air Compressor – Complete Guide

What Kind of Oil Goes in a Central Pneumatic Air Compressor? Like all the machines that required air compressors’ Motors also required lubricating oil to operate efficiently and prevent air compressors from wear and tear. The lubricating oil also helps to keep the compressor cool and makes it more durable and energy-efficient too.

Nowadays there are two types of air compressor present in the market one is oiled and another one is an Oil-less compressor. Oiled compressors are those compressors that are required lubricated oil to run properly.

And the oil-less compressors are those types of air compressors that are pre-lubricated and it does not require the end-user to maintain the air compressor with change compressor oil. So being oil-less does not mean that oil is not used in it, it’s also using oil but the end-user can not change it.

It’s important to select the right lubricating oil for your Central Pneumatic Air Compressor because the wrong selection of oil may damage the whole compressor.

For avoiding it we have come up with proper notes on a few topics after doing some research on different Central Pneumatic air compressor oil so that you can easily decide which Kind of Oil Goes in your Central Pneumatic Air Compressor.

what type of oil for a central pneumatic air compressor? Your central pneumatic air compressor required SAE 20 or SAE 30 compressor oil. But for winter or cold areas required SAE 20 for an air compressor and for hot areas or summers required SAE 30 compressor oil. And if you use your compressor regularly or 3 times a week then you can use synthetic compressor oil and if you use your compressor rarely then you can go for standard compressor oil.

Characteristics of an Air Compressor Oil

With every air compressor comes with proper guidelines that which characteristics of oil are good for your compressor and we have tried to describe each and every characteristic in detail so that you don’t have to face any difficulty to select the best oil for your compressor:- 

The viscosity of central pneumatic air compressor Motor Oil

Viscosity is the most important property of oil you should definitely consider it when you are going to select oil for a compressor motor.

Basically, most air compressor manufacturing company recommends SAE 20 or SAE 30 for compressor oil-like motor oil needs. SAE 20 is less viscous or thicker than SAE 30. So if you live in a cold area or you need an air compressor motor oil in winter then SAE 20 is the best option for you. Because more thick oil can cause jam your compressor motor in cold weather.

And for hot weather conditions, SAE 30 is the best option because it is more viscous than SAE 20. And it will coat the motor parts better than less viscous oil. And protect the motors better and helps to provide long life.

The Additives of Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Motor Oil

This is another most important property of an oil and you should always pay special attention that which additives are present in the oil. Some of the additives may beneficial for your Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Motor but they can also damage your product too.

For example, if I talk about detergent additives then it helps to clean the engine completely but in the longer run, it can ruin your compressor motor too and reduce the life cycle. 

But most of the additives are much beneficial for your motor like they can prevent corrosion and provides a long life cycle and many more.

Temperature Range of Your Oil (what type of oil for central pneumatic air compressor)

This is also one of the most important properties of oil that you should definitely keep in mind when selecting oil for your central pneumatic air compressors. For example oils with high viscosity can provide you with better performance at high temperatures.

But oils with low viscosity can provide you with better performance in low temperatures.

Generally, the temperature range is mentioned on the packet of oil, so you don’t forget to look at that. And another thing is you also need to consider the heat which is produced by your air compressor.

Synthetic Oil and Standard Air Compressor Oil

Both synthetic oil and Standard air compressor oil are good for central pneumatic air compressors. But the main question is which one is good for your compressor motor. So here we discuss them in detail so that you can easily discuss them:-

IS Synthetic Oil is Good for Central Pneumatic Air Compressor

Synthetic oil is the most refined oil which is made using a synthetic base. This oil is the best option for professionals who runs their air compressor daily or at least three times a week. This oil is good for light to heavy-duty tasks. But this is a costlier option. This actually protects your compressor from wear and tear in heavy-duty tasks.

IS Standard Oil is Good for Central Pneumatic Air Compressor

Standard oil is also a good option for those who are using the air compressor for DIY operations and who don’t really use their compressor a lot. This air compressor is the best option for light to the medium-duty of tasks and this is much cheaper than synthetic oil. 

So synthetic oil is far more batter than standard oil, in colder weather conditions also it provides smoother and silent performance but the price is also higher. So if you have lots of tasks then definitely you should go with synthetic oil otherwise you can go with standard oil. 

Note:- According to experts and reviews of customers synthetic oil can provide you better performance and provides long life for your air compressor.

What is the difference between compressor oil and motor oil?

Compressor oils are specially made for compressors but motor oil is made for cars or truck engines. But the motor oil contains detergent and compressor oil isn’t.

Compressor Oil

Because Compressor oils are specially made for compressors so if they do not contain detergent. And almost all of the WhatsApp policy guidelines also state that you can only use specific oil for your compressor and if you violate the warranty policy it can void your warranty.

Motor Oil

And if I talk about the motor oil then this contains some amount of detergent additives in it which is beneficial for car or truck engines but it’s harmful to the air compressor and it can produce lots of carbon in a very short period of time. And also it can damage your compressor motor too.

So always use compressor oil for your Central Pneumatic Air Compressor because mostly motor oils contain detergent additives that are harmful to your air compressor. And our recommendation is always to choose Synthetic Compressor oil with 20 or 30 SAE.

Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Oil Substitutes

If we talk about the substitute for air compressor oil then Yes, there are few substitutes present in the market. And you can also use these oils for your compressor 

Note:- But if you want to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines then you should stick to compressor oil only.

Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Oil is mostly used to operate hydraulic machines but this oil property is similar to compressor oil. Basically, hydraulic oil is less viscous than compressor oil and this property makes it perfect for colder temperatures. These oils also have a rust-proof property so they can also prevent corrosion.

Motor Oil

Motor oil basically contains detergents that are harmful to the air compressor motor. It is generally used for car or truck engines. But then also if you want to use motor oil then try to choose motor oil without detergent. 

But if you want our recommendation then always choose compressor oil only for your centra; a pneumatic air compressor.

ATF( Automobile Transmission Fluid)

This is also one of the best substitutes for air compressor oil and it also helps to keep cool the compressor and provides silent operation too. But the only disadvantage of this fluid is, it unable to handle water contamination.

Oil for Central Pneumatic Air Compressor

Central Pneumatic 32 fl. oz. Compressor Oil

  • Reduces friction for wear & tear.
  • Rust protection for a better life.
  • Anti-foaming Oxidation.
  • thermal stability.
  • Enhances machine performance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for what type of oil for central pneumatic air compressor

How often should you change central Pneumatic air compressor oil?

It totally depends upon your air compressor because every different air compressor needs oil to operate properly but changing the oil varies from a compressor to compressor. Some air compressor needs oil for under 3 months and some others need under 6 months. 

So always follow the user manual for any compressor right details. Because these manuals are directly coming from the manufacturer’s side so you do not have to worry about whether the information is correct or not.

If you have lost your manual or they haven’t mentioned it in their manual so you don’t have to worry. Here are some tips you can easily follow these rules:-

If you are using a reciprocation central pneumatic compressor then change the oil in between 3 to 6 months.
If you are using a rotary screw compressor then change the oil after 1500 to 2000 service hours.

Where Can I find Central Pneumatic air Compressor Oil?

Like every other thing, you can also find your central pneumatic air compressor easily online from amazon or any other e-com website and if you are affected to buy from online then you can also get those oil from the offline market also.

How to check the air compressor oil level?

Generally, most of the oiled air compressor comes with sight glass, and others come with a dipstick. So through these things, you can easily check the oil level of your air compressor. 

How much oil does a central pneumatic air compressor take?

Listen, air compressor motors need oil but every air compressor needs a different capacity of oil so for the correct information please check the user manual.

But if I give you an idea then a central pneumatic air compressor requires on an average 5.6 oz.

Can I use regular motor oil in my air compressor?

As I said earlier motor oil contains detergent as an additive which can harm your compressor motor so always use compressor oil to operate properly. Then also if you want to buy motor oil then always choose a motor oil that doesn’t contain detergent.

What kind of oil should I use in my air compressor?

Mostly all the manufacturer recommends that 20 or 30-weight oils are good for your compressor but We recommends for hot weather 30 weight synthetic oil is good for your air compressor. And for winter or cold areas 20-weight synthetic oils are a good option for you.

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Conclusion for what kind of oil for central pneumatic air compressor

So first brief summary regarding What Kind of Oil Goes in a Central Pneumatic Air Compressor? As I said in this article, generally SAE 20 and SAE 30 oils are good for your compressor. For summer or hot areas, SAE 30 provides you with better performance, and for winter or cold areas, SAE 20 provides better performance. 

Now If I talk about synthetic or standard oil then If you have plenty of tasks to do and you use your compressor daily then you have to go with synthetic oil but if you don’t use your compressor daily then standard oil is enough for your compressor.

We have included everything so that you can easily understand what type of oil for a central pneumatic air compressor.

If you have any doubt regarding this process then, let me know in the comment box. We will definitely help you with that.

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  1. All well and good, but Central Pneumatic Compressor oil does not list on its container whether it is 20 weight or 30 weight? Is the oil a 20w-30w oil that can be used either in cold aand hot weather?

    • Actually, it is written in the description area but if for some reason it is not written then you can ask the seller. SAE 20 is good for both hot and cold areas. But if you want specifically for cold areas then go with SAE 20 and specifically for hot areas SAE 30.


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